Publisher: Archipelago Books
Distributed by: Consortium/Perseus Book Sales & Distribution
Publication Date: February, 2006

Gate of the Sun
Elias Khoury, translated from the Arabic by Humphrey Davies

One of the Arabic world's most highly regarded authors, Elias Khoury was vaulted on the international stage when Gate of the Sun became a sensation throughout Europe, Israel, and the Middle East. Now available for the first time in the US, Gate of the Sun is a compassionate, groundbreaking epic of the Palestine exodus. After their country is torn apart by the big bang of 1948, two men remain alone in a deserted hospital in the Shatila camp, and the reader enters a vast world of displacement, fear, a storied leader of the Palestinian resistance who has mysteriously slipped into a coma. As Khalil attempts to revive Yunes, he begins a story, which branches into many, of the people expelled from their villages in Galilee. Gate of the Sun is a Palestinian Odyssey. Beautifully weaving together haunting stories of survival and loss, love and devastation, memory and dream, Khoury humanizes the complex Palestinian struggle as he brings to life the story of an entire people.

The New York Times called Gate of the Sun "an imposingly rich and realistic novel, a genuine masterwork."